Pell Network Mining Guide (Using Bitlayer as an Example)

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3 min readMay 23, 2024


Welcome to Pell Network! In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed overview of how to earn Pell points and how to restake BTC that has already been cross-chained to Bitlayer on the Pell Network platform.

As Bitlayer serves as a Layer2 solution for BTC and Pell already supports it, before restaking BTC, you’ll need to cross-chain your Bitcoin to Bitlayer. Refer to the official cross-chain tutorial by Bitlayer: Bitlayer Official Bridge Cross-Chain (Cross-In) Tutorial (OKX Wallet). If you urgently need BTC as Gas fees on Bitlayer, you can refer to this quick guide from Bitlayer: Bitlayer’s Quickest Gas Fee Acquisition Guide.

So, before entering Pell Network, you’ll need to prepare: 【BTC already cross-chained】, 【MetaMask / OKX Wallet / Bitget Wallet / Coinbase Wallet / WalletConnect】

1、Open the official Pell app website: , and click on [Connect Wallet].

2、Choose your EVM-supported wallet with BTC already cross-chained stored, such as OKX Wallet. Click on [Connect] to complete the connection.

3、Click on [Points] to navigate to the points interface. Here, you can complete corresponding regular tasks. After verification, you’ll earn the corresponding Pell points.

4、After earning points from all regular tasks, click on [Restake] to officially begin BTC restaking. Here, you can view all available BTC types eligible for restaking.

5、Then, click on the [Bitlayer] button to view the WBTC and aWBTC staking lists. Continue by clicking on [WBTC] to access the WBTC restaking page.

6、Upon entering the WBTC restaking interface, select [Deposit]. In the staking amount field, input the desired quantity of BTC you wish to restake.

7、After entering the restaking amount, click [Stake]. This will redirect you to the wallet signature confirmation page. Click [Confirm] to complete the signature.

8、After completing the wallet confirmation, wait for a few seconds. When “All done” appears, it indicates that your BTC restaking is successfully completed.

9、Finally, you can view the amount of BTC you have restaked in the “Restaked” section. This completes the entire restaking process. Congratulations on successfully joining Pell Network.

Pell Network is dedicated to contributing to the BTC ecosystem. We hope all friends who join Pell Network can find value and growth here!



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